Saturday, 10 October 2009

Swedish chair pusher

Malcolm Harding popped round today with a funky chair for me to try out. It's Swedish and it rocks. No - it really does rock. Backwards and forwards. It's good for your circulation apparently. Malcolm is trying to get me hooked on expensive chairs. He's a chair pusher.

I rang the doctor's surgery today and the results of my x-rays were in. It appears that I don't have any bone or joint abnormalities. So it looks like I don't have osteoarthritis. I just have some hideous tendonitis type thing.


And I have been getting to grips with Facebook after setting up a page months and months ago. I don't have many friends. It is quite a long-winded way to discover that. I already have friend-envy. Ed Briant has over 500. Over 500! I was relieved when I went over 5.

I did, however, get an email from John Pilger, who has been lobbying for the return of Payne's Grey. It is weirdly humbling to have someone of John Pilger's stature bothering about me and my strip. Hasn't he got any iniquities to uncover? I feel like I might be distracting him from something important.

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