Thursday, 15 October 2009

Stuff white people like

I am indebted to The Guardian here in the UK for telling me about the blog called Stuff White People Like. Here is a post on Apple products that is so much better than my rant of a couple of weeks ago. Superb.

I am not indebted however, to The Guardian ruining my morning coffee with not only a photograph of Tracy Emin, but Grayson Perry as well. They are standing on the cover of G2 like something from Revelation. . .

And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the fourth beast say, Come and see.

And I looked and lo, I beheld a woman flogging a dead horse and a man who appeared like unto a six year-old girl with no taste.

Perry is living proof that a grown man can dress in a ridiculous frock, Bo Peep bonnet, platform shoes and ankle socks and still be utterly uninteresting. To paraphrase Bill Clinton: It's the work, stupid.

Emin has threatened to leave England because she pays too much tax. She seems to forget that this country has been misguided enough to provide her with the wealth that has brought this appalling tax burden.

But if ever there was an argument for higher taxation. . .


  1. Mr P, you must have missed this!

    Me, I am a convert. I got my first PC just as my best friend got an imac back in the late nineties. I kept saying how much better value for money it was, and how you could customise it, if you wanted, to act in just the way you wanted. Plus I used PCs at work and macs just weren't compatible. You had to save your word files in weird formats. But time passed and I wrestled with viruses and bizarre error messages and ever more rubbishy windows operating systems and finally I bought a mac. The Powerbook I bought back in 2004 works as well now as I did when I bought it, while at work I watch as PC laptops crash and burn with every passing week. I work with PCs, but I refuse to believe that anyone who had the choice would actually choose to use a one. They still don't seem to have figured out that it is crazy to design a system that you switch off after pressing the START button! But Charlie Brooker is very funny about it all.

  2. Didn't miss it at all, Paul. It was this Charlie Brooker piece I was supposed to be linking to. Something I've now corrected.

  3. I think if you are going to attack a man you should at least have the common courtesy to spell his name correctly

  4. I have corrected Mr Perry's name already as you can see. Are you a fan of his work?

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