Thursday, 29 October 2009

Strip club

I have been doing some life drawing at a class run by the appropriately named Kate King, at King's College here in Cambridge. The classes are for King's students but there are spare places and so the likes of me can - for a fiver - have a small taste of what it would have been like to come to a Cambridge college.

I get a pathetic thrill walking through the small door within the large locked door in the gatehouse. Last night there was an Atkinson Grimshaw sky with a bright moon lighting up a scattering of clouds. The big old lamps were lit and I wondered what it must be like to take this kind of place for granted. I'm not sure I would ever stop pinching myself if I were a student here.

As for the life drawing, the classes - or strip club as my son insists on referring to them - are not classes in the sense of teaching; at least not for outsiders like myself. Kate will certainly give guidance to students, if called upon to do so. But for me it is just the access to a model and the chance to get back into drawing for the hell of it.

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