Monday, 5 October 2009

Mildy diverting monday

After last week's Super Thursday in the publishing industry (with its bonanza of cook books and celebrity biographies), we now have Mildly Diverting Monday, when Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth is officially released onto an unsuspecting public (along with one or two other books). It has been in the shops for a few days now actually, along with the paperback of Tales of Terror from the Black Ship.

October is a great time for the Tales of Terror books to come out. Halloween is approaching and these books are definitely winter books. They need darkness. They need a bit of a chill in the air.

A roaring fire and candlelight would be a bonus.


  1. My son is anxiously awaiting Chris' new book: Tales of Terror from the Tunnels Mouth but I cant find it in any Connecticut book stores. When will it be available?

  2. Well firstly Anonymous, I must say that it warms my heart to think of someone scouring the bookshops of Connecticut for my book. However authors are not always (in fact rarely) the best informed people when it comes to their own publications. I had assumed there would be an American imprint of Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth (as there has been with the previous two Tales of Terror books). But having done a search of my own I can't find one. This may simply mean that you Americans have not shown sufficient love for the previous two and so they have decided to ditch the third book. I am trying to get a definitive answer from Bloomsbury in the UK and I'll let you know when I know.

  3. Thank you so much for checking in to this. Nick was so thrilled that you asnwered my inquiry, he wanted me to tell you what a huge fan he is. You are his favorite author. Have a great day. We continue to look for a way to get our hands on your new book here in Connecticut!

  4. That's lovely to hear. Tell Nick that I am honoured. I am still awaiting a definitive answer to this from Bloomsbury here in the UK. I will let you know when I know.