Friday, 9 October 2009

For you lover give some time

Richard Hawley's latest has already become a favourite in our house. His Jaques Brel via Scott Walker thing doesn't always work. But For Your Lover Give Some Time is great.

Maybe I will drink a little less
Come home early, not complain about the debts

Bring you flowers from the graveyard now and then

And for my lover make some time. . .

Lovely stuff

I have spoken to both Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart this week. I spoke to Chris on the phone the other day and he was waxing lyrical about Scotland. He and Paul had been on a Highland tour organised by the Scottish Book Trust. Chris was full of praise for the Trust and the country. Chris has had a bit of a Romantic time of it this year, walking in the lakes and wandering the west coast of Scotland. I don't think he knew either area and he seems to have really enjoyed the experience. As well he should.

I had a long email from the lovely Paul Stewart. Despite his reservations about such things, it turns out that he has been reading my blog. He recommended loads of music to me, as usual. He also told me that he had a soft spot for Melanie. Here she is singing Lay Down and it is easy to see why. How does she manage to sing like that sitting down? And how does she work up any enthusiasm when the audience looks like they are attending a funeral. However she does it, it's brilliant.

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