Thursday, 3 September 2009

Wild is the wind

It was my son's last day of his school holidays yesterday and we used it as an excuse to go for a slap up feed in Lavenham. We had toyed with the idea of going blackberry picking as well (which is becoming a bit of a last day of the holidays tradition) but it wasn't blackberry picking weather.

We went along to the church this time. There are nice lichen encrusted gravestones with weathered skulls and cherubs. If the words 'nice' and 'gravestones' don't fit together for you, then they will probably be lost on you (and so would a large part of my photographic output). There are some good miserichords and bench ends inside, though the bench ends are pretty damaged. No demons among the bench ends, but there is the occasional dragon.

And today has been wild here in Cambridge. There is a fierce wind sending clouds racing across the sky. The willows are tossing their heads like heavy metal fans. Its Autumn all of a sudden.

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