Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Payne's Grey is no more

I went into the studio today. I hadn't been in for months. As always there had been a flurry of activity from my studio mate, John Clark, who has been busy painting some large canvases. I saw John last Saturday and he was so enthusiastic about what he had been doing. I rarely (who am I kidding - never) feel such unbridled enthusiasm for my own work and it is quite inspiring.

I sent my last Payne's Grey in to the New Statesman today. They are moving and redesigning and Payne's Grey has been given the bum's rush. David Gibbons, the designer there (who I have known for many years and worked with at the Independent), was very kind about the strip and I have to say it has been a pleasure to do over the years. I wish them luck with the redesign.

But it does mean that my last tenuous contact with newspapers has come to an end. I have contributed illustrations to magazines or newspapers or both for going on for thirty years, more or less continually. It gives me a slightly dizzy feeling to think I won't do that again.

Having had a sabbatical from editorial illustration - real illustration to a brief rather than a stand-alone spot - I find myself attracted to the idea of giving it another go. If anything occurs then I'll let you know. . .

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  1. The New Statesman will not be the same without Payne's Grey! Having just seen the new look magazine, a letter is on its way to the editor deploring its loss... Whatever the ups and downs of the rest of the magazine, its wry humour rarely disappointed. The NS has been losing it for a while, but what are they thinking?
    Best of luck in the future.