Saturday, 5 September 2009

Paperback Black Ship

A couple of advance copies of Tales of Terror from the Black Ship arrived in the post today from Bloomsbury. Its always good to see the paperbacks. The hardbacks are lovely, of course (and the hardbacks of Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth should be arriving soon), but most of us read paperbacks and it is the paperback that you hope will fly off the shelves. It has been nicely done as usual with lots of good quotes (including one from my old mate Chris Riddell). It is in the shops at the beginning of next month.

I was particularly pleased with the linking story in Tales of Terror from the Black Ship. I think it is a good story in its own right - and that is very important to me with these books: that the linking story should not simply be a contrivance tacked on at the end.

Tales of Terror from the Black Ship is the only one of the tales of terror books to have a theme. That also works well I think. It is something I may return to in one form or another. . .

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