Saturday, 19 September 2009

Nobody tosses a dwarf!

I was channel-hopping and caught a bit of The Fellowship of the Ring on TV. There is something a bit hilarious about the whole exercise. The script is pretty silly - 'Nobody tosses a dwarf!' being one of my favourites. Those stick-on, sticky out ears are distracting, particularly on Cate Blanchett where they look like they are going to start fluttering like butterfly wings. That strange collection of accents - Middle Earth seems to be located halfway between Yorkshire and Los Angeles. We have the whole trilogy in a boxed sets and I remember getting bed sores watching them in all their directors cut, extended (!) glory when we lived in Norfolk.

I have to confess to being fairly immune to Tolkien. I don't really know why. I ought to love it. But there is something about the word 'elf' that sets my teeth on edge. The boys who read Tolkien at my school listened to Genesis and Yes and though I can't really hold Tolkien personally responsible for that, it is just too painful a memory to get past.

Peter Jackson did do a great job on the look of the movie though. He is like one of those great nineteenth century painters, but working in film instead of paint. Obviously the landscape of New Zealand plays a huge part, but you still have to find the locations, pick the day and frame the shots. He definitely has a painters eye.

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