Monday, 21 September 2009

Loser continued, continued. . .

So Tales of Terror from the Black Ship has floundered and the Booktrust Teenage Prize shortlist has sailed on without her. I must admit I was very honoured to be considered, but the Black Ship doesn't strike me as a 'teenage book'. It does not have 'knife' or 'knickers' in the title and features no snogging at all.

Actually, neither do any of the books on the shortlist.

I notice at my local Borders there is a very amusing 'Teen Gothic' stand where all the books covers are black with the occasional splash of read and feature sulky-looking teenagers who seem really miffed about, like, totally being a vampire and stuff.

Maybe Black Ship fits here, I thought. But I can hear all those books saying, 'Yeah, right,' and sneering out from under their floppy fringes.


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