Monday, 28 September 2009

Frosty skull

I had an email from Sarah Odedina today saying that Bloomsbury are going to go with the frosty skull cover idea I came up with many months ago for The Dead of Winter. I'm really pleased - both that they are going with an image I came up with, but also that they are going with something so bold.

I like Charlie Brooker in the Guardian. This latest piece about Apple evangelists is great. I don't hate Apple. I have an iPod. I like my iPod (even though it has a battery life of about ten minutes now). I download things using iTunes. I can see myself having a Macbook (as long as I don't have to call it that). But if I have to listen to another Apple cult member wandering towards me like a zombie saying, 'One of us, one of us,' and telling me what a rubbish program Word is or how terrible Windows is. I don't care. Shut up. Shut. Up. And that especially means you Stephen Fry. All new technology is the work of Satan. All of it.

And are Apple computers so great? I mean they are white and everything, with slightly rounded corners. But is that great design? White with rounded corners. Is that it? I loved those iMacs with the see-through coloured plastic backs. They were great. They were fun. But ever since they have simply churned out white 1960s retro space-age stuff. It's not ugly. But is it really so fantastic as a piece of design? White with tiny, wee keyboards.

And do they really work better? They are certainly more expensive. Contrary to what Appleoids will tell you, they are always having problems - all Appleoids have an Apple man (or priest, if you will) to come and sort these problems out. Constantly.

I do not feel the need to promote Windows in the way that Appleoids need to blart on about Apple, but Word works well enough for what I ask it to do. It's become far too complicated lately, I will say that (and the compatibility issue between Vista and XP is ridiculous). But when an Apple fan tells you Word is an awful program you do need to remember that they a) have never used it, or b) have the weird Mickey Mouse version that Macs use.

Last week I noticed in the Technology section of the Guardian that there is a bit of a problem with the preposterously named Snow Leopard operating system on Macs. In some 'unlucky' instances, all of the photos stored in iPhoto are deleted or overwritten when you upgrade. All your photos gone. Poof!



  1. pulpsfromthebothy1 October 2009 at 22:58

    I'll forward this piece about Apple computers on to my wife. Consider yourself forewarned!!

  2. I'm not scared Peter (much). These things have to be said. Someone has to stand up to you Apple-crazed loons. It's a little like 'I am Legend' (or maybe 'iAm Legend'). I'm trapped in my house with my PC and you are all out there with your smug iTold-you-so grins and your iStuff. Oh - the whiteness. . . The terrible whiteness. . .

  3. Actually mine are silver. Glorious silver. But I do like the white-with-round-corners-ish book cover design. Drawn on a Mac maybe?

  4. Drawn on a piece of paper and scanned into a PC (a PC!) and fiddled about with in Photoshop. Are you sure they're silver? Not just shiny white?