Monday, 7 September 2009

The day it rained forever

I thought I ought to show you one of Francis Mosley's new paintings - to hopefully encourage you to go and take a look at the real things. I think its true to say that they mark something of a departure for Francis, and a really interesting one. This painting is called The Day it Rained Forever and I think it's rather lovely.

I've known Francis for over twenty-five years now and shared a studio with him in Shoreditch for many years before we both left London for pastures new (although he made a brief return to the capital before moving to Bath).

I had been working from my bedroom in my flat in Finsbury Park and saw an advert for a studio space to share - possibly in the Association of Illustrators magazine (1984 I think it must have been). I had worked in a shared studio before - in Great Russell Street in Bloomsbury. That space was a basement with little or no natural light and working at home seemed - and was - preferable.

But time had moved on and my home situation was different. So I turned up to what was in effect an interview at the studio in Charlotte Road. The existing studio members looked through my folio and asked me questions and they clearly thought I would fit in because they invited me to join them. The illustrator Inga Moore was one of those original members. She later moved out and for a long while I shared with Francis, Louise Brierley and John Morris.

Francis and I both worked for newspapers at that time. We both used to do stuff for The Times. Francis used to do the restaurant review illustration I remember. And when we weren't doing that we would occasionally have long conversations about art and the meaning of life, something we still do at intervals , though sadly now mostly by email or phone.

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