Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I hate Dell

I hate a wretched day today. Whilst my Dell desktop has been relatively trouble free since I bought it many years ago, my Dell laptop has been a utter pain.

It is a year old and has been away twice for pretty major repairs. In June it had everything but the keyboard replaced and came back with a new hard drive. I had to reinstall all the software apart from Windows. I switched it on yesterday to hear a high-pitched squeal and it refused to boot up.

I contacted Dell, to whom I have just paid a large amount of money for support. The man at the other end of a line that seemed to stretch a very long way indeed asked me to get a small Philips head screwdriver. He asked me to loosen a small screw behind the battery and the squealing stopped.

I have no idea why.

But nothing else worked. My keyboard has gone mad and is throwing the letters about the page at random and deleting things I've already typed - again at random. I was told that it must be a software problem and the money I had paid was for hardware support. I would have to pay extra for software support. Even though Dell put the software on and sold me the software and there is nothing on the laptop other than the software they themselves installed.

I have rather a tense relationship with bolshie inanimate objects.

I had to stop myself uninstalling the software with a hammer.

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