Thursday, 27 August 2009


My son had a tooth out today. He is having a brace fitted and needs a tooth out to allow room for the required movement of his other teeth.

He had worked himself up about it rather having never had any dental work done. But the dentist was amazing and I don't think my son was really properly aware that the tooth was out until he was told.

I sat and watched the whole process and was not really sure what to expect from my son. Was he going to freak out? Was he going to scream? Burst into tears? In the end he did none of these things and simply lay there placidly and let the dentist go about his work. And it was fascinating to watch.

Every time the dentist was going to do anything potentially painful he made my son cough. Afterwards he explained that this overloads the brain long enough for it not to quite notice what is happening. Which makes the brain seem a bit dim. But it certainly worked.

I stopped myself from asking why he did not employ the same technique on me when he was yanking my tooth out last year.

The painting is of St Apollonia, patron saint of dentists owing to the fact that she knew all about having teeth pulled out. Come to think of it that really out to make her a patron saint of dental patients. She makes an appearance in a story in Tales from the Tunnel's Mouth.

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