Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Adult fiction

I spoke to Chris Riddell again today. He was inviting us up to his Norfolk retreat and as usual we ended up having a long conversation about all kinds of other stuff.

The last time we spoke I had been telling Chris that I had been contemplating doing some historical fiction and mentioned we talked about an idea I have had for a while for a book that opens with the a pretty bloody evocation of the Battle of Hastings. I started working on it for a project for Usborne that fell through. It has been buzzing about in my mind ever since. Chris was suggesting that I write the same book - but for the adult market.

I suppose I have always thought that I would write for adults. This is not because I think that writing for children is not a compelling enough thing on its own, but because there are things I would like to write that just seem to lend themselves more readily to a book for adults.

We'll see. . .

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