Sunday, 12 July 2009

Norman invasion

We had to get up hideously early this morning because my son was off to Normandy with the school. They are going by coach and ferry so they needed an early start. Alarms were set for 5 am and we turned up bleary-eyed to watch all 100+ kids get assigned to their groups and their teachers and their coaches. And then they were off. Bonne chance France.

We have not yet given in to the idea that all children over the age of eight have to have a mobile phone or they will spontaneously combust, so we will have no contact with our son for five days. I hope he enjoys that feeling of detachment. I know I did when I went away with my school. I think that is diminished if he could phone us every evening. We'll hear all about it when he gets back.

It was also our wedding anniversary today, so though we felt shattered, we decided to go for lunch in Lavenham to celebrate. And a very fine lunch it turned out to be.

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