Friday, 3 July 2009

Name that author

I was on another school visit today - to Parkside School, here in Cambridge.

Parkside sits next to the big green space of Parker's Piece and is the school my son now attends. I was doubly pleased therefore to find that the children were incredibly attentive and well-behaved. It was an early start - my first session was at 9.40am - and it was horribly hot and stuffy, but they were great. Thanks to all the children and staff, particularly Ms Minett and Ms Andre for organising the visit and looking after me so well.

Of course, my PowerPoint didn't work here either. After much Googling I have discovered why: you have to have the movie clips in the same folder as the PowerPoint and reinforce the links by erasing the clips and then reinserting them. Sounds more trouble than its worth, mind you.

I read The Black Ship from Tales of Terror from the Black Ship, as it is a story about storytelling and you could have heard a pin drop both times. I then went through some of the slides in the Powerpoint. I showed the children some of the authors who have inspired me to write creepy stories. They are at the top of this post.

See how many you can recognise.

Answers tomorrow. . .


  1. edgar allen poe?? don't know, Robert Louis Stevenson, Definitely Goerge Eliot (or Maryann if you prefer) and don't know again. ANswers please?

  2. You're right with Poe and Stevenson, but that's not Eliot.