Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Giant ants

Mention of big ants a couple of posts back made me think of really big ants. I loved all those 50s sci-fi movies when I was a kid: The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Fly, Invasion of the Bodysnatchers and of course Them, featuring - admittedly rather unconvincing - giant ants.

But maybe bad special effects were good for me. Maybe it was good for the creative juices having to put in some work to make those movies convincing.



  1. I'm really glad you posted this classic, well, poster - from an equally classic film. I too grew up watching so many of these movies, despite them already being old classics at the time - I'm a child of the eighties (a decade that produced its own marvellous horror films, but that's another post for another time).

    Retrospectively, I'm sure many of the films don't hold up so well, but the same can't be said of the posters; there are some incredible works of art!

    Some of them are so ridiculous (check out "The Crawling Eye") they just can't help but put a smile on my face when I see them.

    A few months ago I decided to make a series of my own posters in tribute to those wonderful movies, starting with "Revenge of the Angry Onions", with the headline "They'll make you cry.....TO DEATH!!"

    Sadly I didn't finish the poster - I'm the king of finding excuses for not finishing projects - but I'd be happy to show you how far I got if you are at all curious.

  2. pulpsfromthebothy27 July 2009 at 22:41

    More please!

  3. Absolutely. I love pulp artwork, whether it be movie posters or magazine covers or book jackets. You can actually buy quite a lot of it in facsimile now. Do you have the poster up on your site Mike? Then we can all have a look!

    And more 1950s pulp art or more giant ants, Peter?

  4. I'm planning on getting some pulpy posters up in my studio/office one day...Obviously I'll need to get a studio/office first, but I always say it pays to plan ahead ;P
    Now Mike...where's that poster?
    PS. My all-time favourite has to be 'Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders'. They don't make 'em like they used to...;)

  5. If we ever get round to buying a house I might have some in my office too. I'm guessing the Canadian Mounties won that particular fight.