Saturday, 20 June 2009

My weird ways

I had the following conversation with my wife the other evening:
'I'll go and make a cup of tea,' I said.
'Don't touch the oven door whatever you do.' (she was making a Pavlova)
'Why would I touch the oven door?' I asked.
'I don't know,' she said. 'It's the sort of weird thing you would do.'
There are so many ways in which I thought I was weird. Now apparently I will have to add the weirdness of willfully tampering with oven doors.

Will Hill and Jane Bigger came round last night. Jane does archive research for TV and her job sounds fascinating. Other people's jobs often do. Will is off to Athens, for instance, as an external assessor at the art college there.

I had a long chat to Philippa, my agent, yesterday. We spoke at length about what I'm writing now and what I'm hoping to write. We also chatted about the possibility of an Italian deal on my some of my Random House books - Death and the Arrow, The White Rider, Redwulf's Curse and New World. More of that if and when it happens.

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