Saturday, 6 June 2009

I wish I had a gown

It has been a social whirl for us in the last day or so - very unusually for us. Our friend Simon Davies popped in and stayed the night. Simon heads up the Graphics course at the University of Cumbria. He was picking up Susan Harvey's paintings (they are married) because she has another exhibition coming up. Our walls are going to look very bare indeed.

It was fantastic to see Simon but I didn't see him until I got back from my evening at Robinson College. Maggi Dawn who is Chaplain and a Fellow there invited Anne Cunningham and I (and others) to dine at top table. Maggi very sweetly said that we should wear a gown if we merited one. I didn't even wear a gown at my degree ceremony. I thought it was a bit silly. Gowns had nothing to do with an art degree. I wore a second-hand suit and a scowl.

I was painfully aware that my BA (Hons) Graphic Design/Illustration was the equivalent of a swimming certificate in this company. It looked fun wearing a gown though. I like all the Bela Lugosi swishing as you go round corners.

Over cheese and biscuits, we met Dr David Woodman who is an expert in things Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic and is also, I see from a quick Google, a bit of a star at real tennis and squash (Cambridge No.1, no less). What a great character for a novel - a real tennis-playing Indian Jones-ish expert in the Dark Ages.

Today we took Simon for a stroll around town, had a cup of coffee in Heffers and bought some bread from the market for bacon butties when we got back. No sooner had we said farewell to Simon than old friends Steve and Jodie Dimes arrived with their two sons. They had been to see the Graphics Degree Shows show at Anglia Ruskin. I must get over there myself and check out the illustration show.

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