Thursday, 7 May 2009

They obey your commands (even when you hide far away)

Another ad from the 1970s.

I got an email from Sarah at Bloomsbury to say that Raben & Sjogren, the Swedish publisher of Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror, want to publish Tales of Terror from the Black Ship which is great news. I am reading Let The Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist so I am having something of a horror swap with Sweden.

Let The Right One In is particularly interesting to me at the moment because it has child protagonists in an urban setting and I am working on something similar. In fact I had a moment of panic when I began reading it because it opened in almost exactly the same way. But this is most definitely an adult book. It is not just creepy, it is very, very dark.


  1. People from Sweden are very lucky, unlike Frenche people, because they are going to be able to read your books !

    I've just read "Uncle Montague's tales of terror" in English and I loved it (couldn't put it down till I reached the end !) and I think it's a pity for French readers that don't read English to be deprived of your work ! I hope some French editors will do something about that so all the French children and adults will discover the terrifying world you create in your books :)

    PS : Sorry for my English ... it's always easier to read than to write ;)

  2. Your English is a lot better than my French! What a lovely comment to leave. Thanks Joelle. I really appreciate it. I hope a French publisher picks the books up too. I would be honoured to frighten French children.