Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sickert in Venice

We travelled up to London today to see the Sickert in Venice exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. I had taken the trouble to ensure there was no engineering work on the line between Cambridge and King's Cross, but foolishly had not checked the train from London Bridge to North Dulwich, which did not exist because - as we discovered on the fairground ride of a bus journey we took instead - a bridge was being replaced.

The Sickert exhibition was small but had some lovely pictures in it. There were two facades of San Marco that were especially good and a couple of nighttime paintings. It was especially nice to see paintings of places we had so recently visited. It was very inspiring too. How ever many times I think that my painting days are behind me, a show like this reminds me of how much I love painting.

I thought it was very odd for the bookshop to be selling crime-writer Patricia Cornwell's book in which she details her crackpot claim that Sickert was Jack the Ripper. Cornwell destroyed one of his paintings in the service of this delusion.

She should get no encouragement from a gallery surely.

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