Saturday, 16 May 2009

On Raglan Road

I keep meaning to draw your attention to a couple of sites run by friends of mine. Adrian who designed my websites at Bloomsbury is cycling in India and blogging as he does so. It is fascinating. I had no idea that Adrian was such a good photographer. His pictures go well beyond the casual tourist shot. Take a look.

And speaking of photography, Judith Weik and family went to the Suffolk coast a little while after we went. I took lots of photos, but none of them came close to the beautiful picture Judith is using as the opening page of her site. It is so simple and yet very powerful. There is something very satisfying about those weightless stones and the calm sea behind.

Paul May's blog includes a lovely set of photographs of trees near his house. I wish I had thought of doing that when we lived in Norfolk. Again - very simple, but very satisfying. His musings on nature and loss (and the rhyming of leaf with grief) got me thinking and I left a comment mentioning Patrick Kavanagh's On Raglan Road, a poem set to music.

Here is Sinead O'Connor (looking particularly elfin) with an especially beautiful version. . .

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