Saturday, 9 May 2009

Madness and modernity

I saw Paul Stewart yesterday. We went to the Madness and Modernity exhibition at the Wellcome Collection. There were some interesting things there, but the best exhibits were in the permanent exhibition. I think I need to go back with a notebook and do some sketches. Paul and I were too busy talking to really concentrate on the deeply strange exhibits.

It is always good to see Paul and he was on good form. He probably won't read this because he clearly finds blogs a bit pointless. 'I'm just not interested enough in other people.' Thanks very much.

But I know what he means. Sometimes when I'm writing these posts I do wonder why on earth I'm doing it. It is the sort of thing I ought to hate. And yet something keeps me burbling on. . .

Paul has been blogging with Chris Riddell, but it is a fantasy blog. That is, the blog is real enough, but the world it describes is a fantasy world. There is a link to it in my blogs list. It's called The Farrow Ridges.

We talked about music - Paul is a big music fan and had written a list of his own 'sad songs' choices. I was impressed that we had matched up on more than one. We talked - inevitably - about writing and what we were both up to and who we were reading. Paul had seen the film of Let the Right One In and thought it was very good.

He told me that he and Chris are off on a tour of the Highlands, visiting schools and giving talks. I'm very jealous.

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