Sunday, 10 May 2009

Enter with drag on

I showed my son the YouTube clip of Bowie and there was an utterly incredulous, 'What the. . .' look on his face the whole time. It's a little like the expression my dad used to wear at the time. Children today are so conservative!

Lisa and Peter Kirkham came round for dinner last night. Or is that supposed to be supper these days? I am rarely this sociable: a trip to London and lunch with Paul and the very next day I'm entertaining the Kirkhams. It doesn't seem right somehow. I ought to spread these things out. Peter and Lisa were great company and knowing them is one of the better side-effects of writing as I got to know them originally through author events at Heffers. Lisa is a designer and massive children's book fan.

At some point in the evening we got to talking abut martial arts. Or maybe I got to talking about it and everyone else just concentrated on not yawning. Anyway, I was reminiscing about my love of judo when I was a kid - I did it as an after school club for years - and of Aikido when I was older. I even did a bit of Jiu-jitsu. Tai Chi too.

I had a poster of Bruce Lee on my wall when I was in my teens and I can vividly remember going to see Enter The Dragon with my brother. I was awestruck. Bruce Lee's acting may not have been Oscar-winning, but his screen presence was mesmerising. He was like a wild animal. Suddenly judo seemed very dull indeed. The towering Tamara Dobson in Cleopatra Jones was the B feature. Wa-haaa!

I used to watch Kung Fu with David Carradine too, on TV. I bought the first series recently on DVD and sat down to watch it with my son, but it is so slow. Even the real-time stuff seems like slow motion. But I used to love it. I wanted to be like David Carradine: peace-loving and wise, but with the capacity to give someone a graceful kicking if absolutely necessary.

Buddhist monk style baldness is looming, but little else.

I have watched my son play football every week in wind and hail, rain and snow. His mother comes once - in blistering sunshine - and he scores for the first time ever! It's not fair.

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