Thursday, 28 May 2009


The BBC poetry season continued with Michael Wood singing the praises of Beowulf. I love Michael Wood. I do. His BBC TV programme - In Search Of the Dark Ages - from many years ago, was one of those programmes (like Civilisation and The Shock of the New and The World At War) that expanded my knowledge and showed that television can educate and inspire - be a kind of open university.

And he seems like such a genuinely nice guy.

The BBC still produces work of that quality - the wonderful series with Dr Alice Roberts - The Incredible Human Journey for instance; but for how much longer?

Anyway - I had a tape of Seamus Heaney's version of Beowulf in the car when I was writing a book for Scholastic about the Battle of Hastings. It is wonderful. It came to mind a lot when we made our recent visit to the Sutton Hoo burial (that's my son wearing a copy of the famous helmet).

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