Thursday, 23 April 2009

The lakes of Canada

I went into the studio for the first time in ages today. Lynette came in later and we had a coffee and caught up on each other's news. The yard where we rent studio space has been burgled twice in the last week or so and there is much activity putting in alarms and added security.

I saw Peter Kirkham for a drink this evening. We went to The Pickerel near Magdalene College. We talked about Newcastle - Peter and I went to the same school there, though at different times (he being young, I old: so very, very old) - as well as our families, comics and music.

Peter agreed with me about Heath Ledger's Joker, but we disagreed about contemporary comics. Peter is an avid purchaser of comics, but I just can't get past the prevalence of Photoshop rendering techniques and much prefer the people who are working in graphic novels (admittedly with a lot more time and control). To me comics are all about drawing and the way the panels and pages are designed to tell the story. A perfect comic for me is one in which the story and the images just melt into one another. Bad drawing and design is not improved by airbrushing and light effects. But, as I may have mentioned before - I am an old man, so what do I know.

Anyway, in amongst our chat about music, I mentioned that I have a soft spot for Sufjan Stevens. Here he is up on a roof with a banjo and a head for heights singing, not one of his songs, but The Lakes of Canada by the Innocence Mission.

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