Saturday, 11 April 2009

The empty frame

I walked into Cambridge with my son today and we happened to walk through Waterstones. I showed him the Feel Good Fiction table and we had a chuckle. A member of staff walked past so I asked him if he really thought The Outsider was 'feel good fiction'.

He looked a bit nonplussed and mumbled something about it not being something he would have put under a label like that. What about 1984? The Handmaid's Tale? The Great Gatsby? A man nearby chortled at the idea of The Outsider being on a feel good fiction list and the staff member said that perhaps the label ought to read something along the lines of 'Fiction that we really like' but after a couple more chuckles from the man nearby he took the label away, leaving only the empty frame.

Somehow the empty frame seemed a lot more appropriate.

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