Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Black Ship sails to Holland

By a very strange coincidence Rio and the British School popped up again today as the postman brought a note from Raquel Trindade at the library in Botafogo. Raquel and Frederico were dressed as Cleopatra and Dracula respectively when I was there (it was a dressing up as a character from literature day), so I find it hard to remember them any other way. It was great to hear from her and it reminded me of a really nice day at the school with lots of bright kids asking lots of great questions.

I sent my copy of Leander Deeny's Gli Incubi di Hazel to Sarah Odedina at Bloomsbury this morning so that she could take a look and see what she made of it. I'm not sure I have said that a big part of the issue with this, is that all the foreign publishers who have acquired the rights to Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror have so far used the David Roberts cover from the UK edition (with the odd change here and there).

As yet we have not sold to Italy and therefore this use of the cover on another book by a different author is annoying to say the least. It would obviously be ridiculous to have two different books in the same market with exactly the same cover.

Speaking of foreign rights, I heard from Sarah today that Bloomsbury have sold Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror to Turkey (to be published by Tudem) and Tales of Terror from the Black Ship to Holland. The Black Ship will be published by Pimento who have already published Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror.

I was also sent some Dutch reviews - though, as I don't speak Dutch, I shall remain blissfully ignorant of their actual content.

And sometimes with reviews that's no bad thing.

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