Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Thumb screw up

I went to the studio today after a long absence. I had a bit of a clear up. Later, Lynette came in and as we hadn't been in the studio together for ages we went to the Black Cat cafe for a celebratory cup of coffee. When we came back I tried to slice the end of my thumb off with a scalpel.

I bled and tried to keep the wound closed while Lynette went to buy steri-strips that we could not get to stick - because of the blood. A design fault there, I think.

So it was off to Addenbrookes A&E in a cab. Lynette kept me company and sat with me whilst we waited for my turn. There is something about sitting in accident and emergency that makes you think of all the accidents and emergencies one has seen over the years. In recent years all my many trips to A&E have been with my son.

Except for the time a couple of years back when I was showing him this nifty trick that Cristiano Ronaldo did and then stood on the ball and fell over with a horrible cracking noise. Me, that is, not Ronaldo.

He just tends to fall over.


  1. Dear Mr Priestley

    So sorry to read about your thumb. It rather reminded me of Old Mother Tallow in your recent publication. Perhaps the fates were punishing you for the rather impertinent comment you left on my blog

    Kind regards
    Uncle Montague