Monday, 2 March 2009

That's just a noise!

I wondered if I hadn't been a bit hard on pop puppet Duffy the other day. But then I saw the Coke advert. Oh. My. God. What the hell is she wearing? What the hell is she doing? I'm a big fan of singers making an interesting noise. I 'm not interested in people who just carry a tune. Most of what passes for pop music in the country seems to be karaoke. But that's not an interesting noise. That's just a noise. Stop it. Has the world gone mad?

And when I was praising American TV the other day, I forgot to mention Damages. It is silly, of course, and Glenn Close and Rose Byrne often look like they are acting in a silent movie and can only emote using their eyebrows, but the opening credits alone are better than most British TV programmes.


  1. pulpsfromthebothy3 March 2009 at 16:21

    I feel crushed! Now I have to read a tally of your blog traffic. Although I hearten myself in the knowledge that I must account for atleast a third of that grand total. I agree with you about Duffy, not sure what's so special about her voice.

  2. How dare you suggest such a thing! You are a quarter of the visits at most. You get a mention on Uncle Montague's Nether Regions by the way

  3. I wrote to you recently via Bloomsbury to ask about an author school visit, and now risk pesky duplication by getting your attention via this forum. Of course, you may have dumped my letter when you noticed that I omitted an e in your name. A feeling of irritation I well understand - no one ever spells my Italian surname correctly, and people often mistake my surname for a forename, as in Guiseppe. But nevertheless, I wonder if you can come in June, and if not, I will ask someone else!

  4. I have just sent an email to you saying I'd love to come. Sorry my response didn't get to you sooner.