Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Don't get me started on the floor

I had intended to go into the studio today, but for various reasons, decided to stay at home. Having sent the novel off, I thought it might be time to sort my office out a little. While I am writing, things tend to simply pile up and up on my desk.

My desk is a lot clearer - though as I type this it still has a box of slides, some memory cards, a memory stick, three pencils, a pen, an empty mug, a copy of Uncle Montague's Tales of Terrors, a copy of the Black Ship, several letters, a book on Baroque painting, a book on Durer, my camera, a book called Signs and Symbols in Christian Art, a calculator, a pile of magazine pages with photos I like for various reasons, a Taschen book of True Crime Detective Magazine covers, an Ordinance Survey map of Thetford, Breckland and the surrounding area, a can of screen wipes, a can of compressed air cleaner, a portable hard drive, a USB adapter for my son's iPod, an adapter for mine and a plug with a timer control.

Yes, that is after I have cleared up.

And don't get me started on the floor.


  1. You make me feel so normal! Sent off the manuscript last week but I still haven't found the floor yet...

  2. I'm glad to be of service! Hope everything goes well with the book