Monday, 16 February 2009

Work, work, work

I should have been drinking wine and eating canapes at the Groucho Club in Soho this evening, but I just could not afford the time off, given that I am going to see Bloomsbury tomorrow and I want to get as much done beforehand as I can and am just a little bit troubled about giving off too much of a dog-ate-my-homework kind of vibe.

Anyway, living in Cambridge means that it is almost impossible to go to an evening event in London and not stop over - not because it is a long way away (it is only 45 minutes) but because public transport fizzles out too early. I had actually originally intended to stop over. I planned to book a night at the Goodenough with the family and have a day out in London. But I thought better of it. Work, work, work.

Oh - and I would not want you to think that I eat canapes at the Groucho Club on a regular basis. In truth I have never been to the Groucho Club before. But I had been invited to the launch of the Ultimate Book Guide, for which I had contributed a few reviews.

Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror is reviewed in the book by one of the editors - Daniel Hahn - but as the review gives away the plot twists to most of the stories I would not suggest reading it if you want to enjoy the book!

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