Tuesday, 17 February 2009

What next?

I went to London today to meet Sarah Odedina at Bloomsbury to have the 'what next' meeting I mentioned a while back. I met Philippa, my agent, beforehand and we had a coffee and cake and a chat before heading up to Soho Square.

My family accompanied me to London, and we all went to see the excellent Byzantium exhibition at the Royal Academy in the morning. It was a beautifully designed show packed full of gems (in both senses of the word). The rooms shone with gold. In fact the coins alone were worth the visit. There were lots of exhibits from Venice (pillaged from Constantinople during the infamous Fourth Crusade) - some of which we recognised from San Marco. Many exhibits came from places I will probably never visit - and some from places where my wife (who has the audacity to be a woman) would not be allowed to visit.

My meeting at Bloomsbury went well. Sarah is incredibly enthusiastic and it was great to hear how excited both her and Philippa are about the new book. You can lose sight of that sometimes as a writer: that other people do not know what is coming as they turn the page, and are excited at the prospect.

So what is next? Well another novel for Bloomsbury, that's for sure. I have not lost my interest in writing short stories - not by a long way - but I am enjoying the challenge of writing something longer. But I will be writing short fiction again, I promise you that.

What is this new novel going to be like, I hear you ask. Well, all right - maybe you didn't exactly ask, but I'm going to tell you anyway. Actually - I'm not. It will be creepy, of course - I can tell you that much. And this time I think I may write something contemporary. But that's as far as I'm willing to go at the moment. I have a few things in mind and I'll let you know more as the months go by.

Assuming you're interested that is. . .

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