Sunday, 1 February 2009

Tea? Coffee? Frostbite?

I opened the curtains today and groaned. There was no sign of the sharp frost we had been promised and that meant that I would have to go to football with my son and not only that, I would have to stand on the sidelines serving teas and coffees in a freezing cold wind.

The parents take it in turns to serve refreshments at the matches and today it was my turn. It was bitterly cold and my son still belligerently refuses to score a goal. Why can't he play table tennis or badminton something indoors, where parents could take it in turns to serve cocktails and finger food?

One of the important parts of serving refreshments is that the kids get squash and biscuits at half time. Of course I screwed that up and though Will and Jane Hill (their son goes to the same school as mine and has recently joined the team - and has already scored!) stepped in to help me, it arrived just as the second half was starting.

I am an utter failure as a soccer dad.


  1. Hi Chris, and a happy new year to you all. Every time I read about you and Adam and the football I remember all those years with Tommy. I also remember a colleague of mine at work telling me to enjoy it while it lasted! She said either they give up or they don't want you to watch any more. She was right! And now I find myself missing even those raw January days on pitches just behind the dunes at Winterton with an East wind blasting sleet horizontally across the pitch and angry dads threatening each other on the touchline. But I'm sure you love being a soccer dad really!

  2. Happy New Year to you too Paul. I know what you're saying about football. I will miss it, I suppose. There is certainly a book in there, about the dynamics between parents and children and coach and ref and so on. I find it all a bit emotionally exhausting. But I'll certainly miss having the odd kick around with him in the local park. We seem to get on better doing that than anything else.