Thursday, 26 February 2009

Paint it black

I went out for a drink with John last night. While we were waiting for our friend Malcolm Harding to arrive we managed to have a twenty minute conversation about the use of black in paintings. I hate to think what we sounded like to anyone else but I love talking about art. In fact there are few things I'd rather talk about.

A couple of posts back I was saying how art college squashed my admiration for the Pre-Raphaelites, but it wasn't a one way process. I think I made it sound quite negative, and that isn't how I think of it at all. In fact I think I am from a generation who came out of art college still believing in art; still trusting it.

It also opened my eyes and mind to lots of things I had previously not encountered or ignored. That process also opened my mind to other things - literature, politics, music. A valve was opened that has never been shut off and for that I am extraordinarily grateful. Thank you Manchester Polytechnic School of Art and Design (even if you have changed your name to the ridiculous Manchester Metropolitan University)

I have art college to thank for everything good in my life.

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