Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Mad Men

I had two contacts from Brazil today. One was a sixteen year old writer called Vitoria Pratini (a friend of Frini) leaving a comment on my blog in Rio. The other was Merche Clark whom I stayed with when I was in Rio. Merche, you may recall if you have been following my adventures, is sister to my studio mate John Clark and owner of the Jamer Bookshop. Merche made me feel very welcome when I was in Rio. If you are in the city and you have a moment to spare, get yourself down to her bookshop and buy some books. It would be nice if they were mine, but any purchases would be greatly appreciated I'm sure.

And speaking of John Clark, I'm off to see Slumdog Millionaire with him tonight. I hope it is as good as everyone says it is, because I am dog tired and might just fall asleep.

This blog is in serious risk of degenerating into a name-dropping site, but I used to work for Danny Boyle a long time ago. He was the director of the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs and I did a couple of posters for him. I have chatted in a port-a-cabin with Danny Boyle. Are you jealous? Don't be. I specialise in working with people before they were rich and famous. It's actually quite annoying.

Mad Men is back. I was traumatised by the loss of The Sopranos and missed out on The Wire but Mad Men is superb television. It's dark, it's clever, it's sexy. It is so well acted. People used to say British TV was the best in the world (by which they meant the BBC). If that was ever true, it isn't any more.

Britain is not showing itself capable of coming up with anything as good as Mad Men. The Sopranos could never have been made here. And it's not just about production values and access to movie-making talent and facilities (though that does make a difference obviously). It is the ambition. Mad Men is art. What British TV in recent years can you say that about?

The BBC prides itself on costume drama and quite rightly so. But Mad Men is also costume drama and it shows what you can do within that format.

It can be more than slipping a sex scene into a Jane Austen novel.

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  1. Hi Chris!
    I told Vitoria about your blog. She is a young poet and I thought she would learn a lot from your blog. She thinks about writing other types of fiction and you are always giving interesting tips about writing or what to read. :)