Wednesday, 4 February 2009


There are two brilliant adverts being shown on British TV. Both feature children, but are very, very different.

The first is a road safety ad. It shows a man haunted by the broken body of the child he had run over. It is not only a horribly effective advert, it is a brilliantly creepy piece of film making. It is a model of restraint, and shows that you can get pack a jolt and a shudder into a very short time frame if you know what you are doing. It's the banality of the locations that make it so horrible. It is shocking, in the best sense of the work.

The new Cadbury's Dairy Milk ad by contrast is hilarious. It is also a wonderful piece of film making and is also, in its way, a model of restraint. The performances by the kids are brilliant. How anyone came up with the notion of children waggling their eyebrows to a a dance track as a way of advertising chocolate I cannot imagine.

But I'm very glad they did.


  1. Hi Chris!
    I'm from Brazil and I'm a young author (I'm 16). I write poetry, sometimes chronicles and stories. I've loved your blog and i've found it very interesting. A friend of mine, Frini - brazilian journalist - recomended your blog.
    My blog is
    though it is in Portuguese.
    Thanks for your time. I'll wait for your answer.

  2. Hi Vitoria. Thanks for getting in touch. It is always good to hear from other authors. I only wish I could read Portuguese, but I will certainly take a look at your blog. Hopefully some of the Brazilians who read this blog - and there are quite a few - will take a look as well. Good luck with the writing. Have you had anything published? You are lucky to have Frini as a friend as an an aspiring author. She is so enthusiastic and supportive