Friday, 30 January 2009

You're Michael Palin

I went to London today and on strolling out of Leicester Square tube station I found myself walking next to someone. I tried to overtake and he did the same so we continued to walk parallel to one another. I glanced sideways and saw that it was Michael Palin.

'I have an overwhelming urge to tell you that you're Michal Palin,' I said. 'But you probably already know that.'

'Yes, indeed,' he said with a smile, downing his espresso.

He was as charming and as forgiving of irritants like me as you you would expect.

Later in the day I went to see my good friends Chris Riddell and Dave Simonds at the new Guardian offices on York Way near King's Cross station. I used to see them every week for years, and though I do not in any way miss the work we used to plough through at the Economist, I certainly miss that contact and the laughs we used to have (between bouts of impotent rage and soul-crushing despair). Dave still works there, and probably has a better time of it without me having a hissy fit every week.

Dave and I actually still work on the same publication - the New Statesman - but the wonders of modern technology mean that I do not have to physically go to the offices and send my strip as an email attachment.

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