Sunday, 18 January 2009

You don't look a day over 799

There was an extraordinary event in Cambridge last night. A light show was projected onto the white walls of the Senate House. It was basically a kind of PowerPoint presentation outlining the history of the university, which is 800 years old this year, but what a screen!

Quentin Blake provided drawings of Darwin and Newton, Milton made an appearance and Stephen Hawking got sucked into a black hole. It all got a little psychedelic at times - a bit like a Pink Floyd concert without the music (which is, of course, fairly appropriate given their Cambridge roots).

There was music, but you could not hear it until you came to leave. The bells of Great St Mary were booming out, as were the bells of many other churches across Cambridge and across the whole country (and the world, in fact, with bells in New York and Melbourne among others, joining in).

Someone behind me - someone connected with the University clearly - said to whoever they were with - 'We've actually done rather a lot really, haven't we?'

Yes you have. Well done!

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