Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Roadrunner once

I went running this evening after a bit of a pause. I set off far too quickly and suffered for it later in my circuit. It was good to be running again, though there was so much traffic I ended up coughing for about half an hour when I got back. Instead of a healthy glow, I felt like I'd been chain smoking.

I like running in the dark with my iPod playing. I have a play list for running. The tracks have to be the right beat to really work and there is a certain type of music that seems to work well for me. I remember recently running through moon-shadows of trees on part of my route while Tom Verlaine's Days on the Mountain was playing. It was magical. Sometimes music just fills a gap you didn't even know was there and makes something perfect.

One argument against people walking or running around with headphones on is that we are providing a soundtrack to our lives as though we are in a movie. To which I say - what's wrong with that?

Writers are probably not the most psychologically stable of people. There is probably a common habit of stepping outside of the moment and observing, recording, rewriting - editing. I have always felt as though I was to some extent an actor in a movie.

It has often been a very dull movie, I hasten to add.

And they could certainly have cast someone better looking as the leading man.

My laptop came back from the technicians today. A little like dry cleaning, there was nothing to actually show that anything had been done apart from a piece of paper attached to the lid. I suppose time will tell.

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  1. I couldn't agree more about us all "being" actors in a movie and adding our own soundtrack to our lives. I feel exactly the same way :)