Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Uncle Montague speaks many languages

It has been a good few days for Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror. Last week Sarah Odedina contacted me from Bloomsbury to say that the Russians want to buy the rights to publish there, and today it was the turn of Spain. So far Uncle Montague has been bought by Holland, Colombia, Brazil, Japan, Sweden, Poland and Thailand - in addition to Bloomsbury's US and German editions.

I have some more exciting news about Uncle Montague, but that will have to wait until Thursday.


  1. I guess this isn't the forum for fan-mail, but just wanted to say thanks and congratulations. Just finished Tales of Terror from the Black Ship, and the tales were every bit as good as Uncle Montague's, which is to say wonderful. And a huge congrats on the Carnegie nom! Fingers crossed...

    Best, Rob.

  2. I am very happy for my blog to be a forum for fan-mail! Thanks for taking the time to write. I'm glad you liked the Black Ship and thanks for the congratulations. The Carnegie nomination was great news.