Thursday, 27 November 2008

Hitchin Boys

I went to Hitchin Boys School yesterday to give a talk about my illustration work for a change. Tom Pitchford, the librarian there, had invited me back after I visited the school last year to talk about my writing. It was a pleasure to be back.

I decided that I would use the visit to experiment with PowerPoint and so made a little slide show of my work in advance and put it on a memory stick. Of course it didn't work.

To be fair, it was not the fault of PowerPoint. But because I was relying so heavily on technology, the glitches we had with the projector in the hall were pretty distracting. The IT people did get the thing working eventually and it worked fine for the second session. As frustrating as it was, I still came away thinking that this was definitely the way to go. Next time, though I would take my laptop instead of using a memory stick and thereby have that little bit more control over things.

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