Saturday, 1 November 2008

Day of the Dead

All Soul's Day tomorrow - or the Day of the Dead as it is in Mexico. This is a suitably morbid photo from Christ's College chapel. I visited the college with my son the other day in our ongoing attempt see all there is to see in this city.

To the same ends we went up the tower of Great St Mary, the university church next to the market and opposite the Senate House and King's College chapel. The climb is steep and winding, the steps of the narrow spiral staircase to small for anyone with feet larger than a child's and so the whole ascent seems to be made on tiptoes. Very good for the calf muscles.

The view is marred somewhat by the presence of a wire screen, but the views are still incredible - particularly on a clear, bright day as it was yesterday. And it is always great to look down on a town from above and look at it like a map. Despite a fear of heights I always want to do that when I visit a new city.

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