Tuesday, 14 October 2008

You are talking such rubbish

I was interviewed By John-Paul Holden of The Big Issue this morning by phone. I am never keen on being interviewed. It is such an unnatural process. In a conversation, what you say is always being modified and adjusted in relation to what the other person says. It is so odd having someone simply ask you a series of questions and certainly strange to never hear the words, 'You are talking such rubbish.' Or maybe that's just me.

A couple of boxes of books arrived from Doodled Books today. I haven' opened them yet, but they are copies of Tales of Terror from the Black Ship. I will try and remember to scan a few of them in before I send the doodled copies back to Claire.

I also received an email from James Fraser at Random House asking me if I'd be interested in illustrating the follow-up to Joe Rat by Mark Barrett - a book I illustrated at about this time last year under the effects of a hideous cold. And in principle I would. I have been on an extended sabbatical from the world of illustration, and I quite like the idea of getting back into it.

And I spoke to Ian Lamb at Bloomsbury about the Young Librarians Group event I'm doing on Friday.


  1. Hi Chris, just wanted to let you know that you whatever you say, it will be a load of rubbish to me

  2. You are heckling me from Tasmania! The wonders of modern technology. Discuss...

    I was wondering what the hell had happened to you. Hope everything is going well with you guys...