Thursday, 2 October 2008

Rain again

Today I am back at the Urca site of the British School in Rio, sitting at the base of the Sugar Loaf. I am sitting in the library looking across the bay towards the Cristo, which was there a moment ago, but which is has now disappeared beneath a layer of cloud. It is pouring with rain!

The last time I was here the weather was glorious but I did not have a camera. Today I have the camera but it somehow does not look quite so spectacular. Something tells me my trip up Sugar Loaf this afternoon is not going to happen.

I was sorry to leave Barra yesterday. I thought it was a really lovely school with a fantastic atmosphere. And Viviane Silva is such a great librarian. She really cares about that library and about the children who go there. She was so enthusiastic.

Having said that, this is a great library too. It is very modern and seems very well used. I am being looked after by Celia Breder and Jaqueline Silva (no relation to Viviane or President Silva - it is just the most common name here, apparently) as before. I'm not sure whether I'll see Mimi today. Celia and Jacqueline are great. They have made me feel so welcome here. They are so friendly, and have a good sense of humour.

Yesterday I was doing specific talks about specific writing issues. Today I am giving more general writing talks centred around Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror. I have another three groups to see today, one of which, again, is very large. Tomorrow at the Botofolgo site where I have four groups of 40+!

I may get to Merche's bookshop - the Jamer bookshop - today and sign some of the stock of Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror and I think Merche has asked for Livraria de Travessa's stock of Contos de Terror do Tio Montague to sign as well.

And speaking of which - Frini's newspaper article is pinned on the notice board. That was very exciting. Thanks again Frini.

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  1. Oh, that was really cool for the bookstore to post the article!