Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Lucky Jesus

My son and I went round Jesus College yesterday and looked at Stephen Chambers paintings in the chapel (part of the Festival of Ideas). I'm not quite sure what I made of them. I think I needed to know more about what he was trying to achieve. My son quite liked them. We both agreed that we liked the prints best. There were also supposed to be Jake and Dinos Chapman sculptures, but we missed them if they were there. Ah well.

We had never been to Jesus College before and so impressed by its beauty was my son that he has now changed allegiance from St John's College to Jesus (as a future beneficiary of his many talents). Lucky Jesus, is all that I can say (although it sounds a bit weird).

The chapel had some nice carvings in the choir stalls. Not quite the Demon Bench End, but some were still fairly sinister as even this blurred photo will testify. I love that expression. . .

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  1. pulpsfromthebothy30 October 2008 at 17:35

    I think he must be sucking a Worthingtons Original.