Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I have seen the future of horror

I was interviewed by the Sunday Mercury today. They were going to call yesterday but instead sent me an email with a string of questions for me to answer and send back.

One of the questions was about Clive Barker. In the early 1980s I designed posters for Clive's Dog Company theatre group. This was before he was a superstar writer and director living in Beverly Hills - we were both living in slightly less glamorous north London.

I'm sad to say that I lost touch with Clive. I am, and always have been, quite useless at keeping in regular contact with people - even people like Clive, who I like very much.

And of course the trouble with losing touch with someone who subsequently becomes rich and famous, is that any effort to get back in touch simply looks like you are after something. Which is really not in my mind at all. The fact that I never got paid for any of those posters is really not important. . .

I'm hoping we'll meet at some publishers thing. There are people I know I will meet again. Clive is definitely one of them. But in the meantime, Clive - should you see this - a nice review wouldn't kill you, would it? For old times sake. . .

Clive's life changed with the publication of his Books of Blood short story collections and the licence-to-print-money-quote they garnered from Stephen King - 'I have seen the future of horror and his name is Clive Barker'

Stephen - if you are reading this - any chance of me getting something similar? I'm not expecting anything quite so monumental. How about a simple 'I've seen the future of fairly creepy stories for older children and young adults and his name is - or at least could be - Chris Priestley.'

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