Sunday, 26 October 2008

Glum wit

Tales of Terror from the Black Ship was reviewed in a couple of newspapers over the weekend. The Times called me 'that wily weaver of spine-crawling tales' (and I rather like that), said that David Roberts' illustrations echo my 'glum wit' and that the book was perfect for 'lugubrious nine-year-olds'. So if you know any lugubrious nine-year-olds, that's Christmas sorted out. Or maybe they are too lugubrious for Christmas.

The Times may think the book has wit, even if its glum, but The Observer decided that the book had 'no black humour to lighten the gloom and fear'. After three reads, I couldn't quite decide whether the reviewer liked the book or not, but I will be very happy to put 'Guaranteed to give you nightmares.' on the paperback!

Both reviewers placed me in the 8-12 category even though 12 seems a very early cut-off for my stories and 8 seems very young. Interestingly I am in the 12-14 category for the Lincolnshire Young People's Book Award. This is why age-banding of any kind is so tricky: it is very subjective, and may seem prescriptive.

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