Monday, 13 October 2008

Fine tuning

I went to the studio today. I had my usual swift meeting with John before he headed off to Sony. That is the usual shift system with the studio. John is already there when I arrive, then Lynette comes in later in the morning and Andrew at lunchtime or early afternoon.

I was getting down to the alterations to Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth today. This part of a book is arguably the most important. This fine tuning is the chance to iron out any problems and to make the book read as well as it possibly can. That is why this stage is also arguably the most difficult.

I have said before that I try and write one or two thousand words in a day, but that all goes out of the window when you are in the latter stages of a book. Then it doesn't matter if you only write one word in a day, so long as it is the right one.

Actually - it probably does matter if it's only one word. I do have other things to be getting on with!

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